Walmart Case Strategic Management

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June 1, 2011
This memo is in response to the requested analysis of the overall position of Walmart. The memo will first discuss the current position of Walmart. This will be followed by two issues, woman working in walmart not getting paid as much as men as well as not having very many upper management positions, and the perception that Walmart ruins small communities way of life once they open up their doors. The memo will then give a reccommendation for how to fix and improve the company to allow it to prosper in the future.
Walmart is successful by following a cost leadership strategy. Their sales revenues were $375 billion in 2008 but their profit was
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For the issue of unequal pay and rights for woman working for Walmart, the company can take several steps to repair this damage. First, the company can correct the problem and pay the woman employees the same as male’s with similar work experience. Secondly, the company can improve its public image from this situation by providing college scholarships to girls, or by sponsoring woman’s equality events. Finally, Walmart can offer more upper level management positions for females who are equally qualified for the position as any other male (similar to affirmative action). For the issue of destroying small communities way of life, Walmart can take several steps to show that Walmart helps the communities it comes to and does not destroy small businesses. According to several economists, Wherever a Walmart opens up, all of the surrounding businesses next to it flourish because of the large traffic flow of customer’s flowing in and out of the shopping center. Walmart needs to use its PR personal and a neutral third party to verify that Walmart is beneficial to the communities it opens its doors in both economically and in a socially responsible manner. The company must continue its efforts to provide for the communities it serves, and be quick to act in communities that face unexpected tragedies like New Orleans did with Katrina. These are a
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