Walmart Case Study

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[iNTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGY (MGT 3140)] | Businesses are expanding globally. This report in chapter formats outlines about the strategic decision of the company Walmart in retail industry. |

Table of Contents Chapter 1 - Summary 2 Chapter 2 - Introduction 3 Chapter 3 - Environmental Analysis 5 Chapter 4 – Motivation for international business 7 Chapter 5 - Foreign Country Selection for expansion 8 Chapter 6 - Foreign market entry mode selection 9 Chapter 7 - Conclusion 10 Bibliography 11 Appendix A 12 Figure 1 - Internal Environmental Factors 12 Figure 2 - PESTEL Analysis of Walmart 13 Figure 3 - Porters 5 Forces Model 14

Chapter 1 - Summary

The market forces are dynamic and
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2002 came out to be the big year for Walmart. In this year company was crowned America’s largest corporation by Fortune Magazine, also developed strong holding in Japan but had to close first store in Germany. In 2002 it opened up 178 supercenters, 33 discount stores and 25 SAMS’S club together with 107 international units. In 2003 it had to sell one of the distribution businesses as divestment however in same year opened a new store in Beijing, China.
The year 2004 witnessed acquisition of 118-Store Bompreco Chain in Brazil and opening up of online music library at competitive rates. In the year 2005 major achievement attribute to introduction of Metro 7 line, opening of third store in Beijing and acquisition of 140 stores in Brazil. The achievements also included in the year 2005 was signing of an agreement with Garth Brooks as a result of which star’s music were to be sold only by Walmart. The year 2006 did not bring much success and Walmart had to sale 85 stores in Germany and 16 stores in South Korea while opened only one supercentre in California. In 2007 major breakthrough of joint venture occurred between Walmart and Bharti Enterprises for entry in Indian market. In 2008 major scuffles in organization hierarchy occurred. In the year 2009 Walmart acquired a major stake in Chile’s largest food retail. In 2010 it opened its new Latin America headquarters. 2011 marks acquisition of stake in South African retailer. Walmart has a good history of profitability even

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