Walmart Case Study

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Founded by Sam Walton, Walmart is an American multinational retail chain, incorporated in the year 1969, has fully transformed the landscape of retail organized business with it’s innovative business strategies. Case description The case primarily discusses about the sustainable operations strategies in the USA and how they can be successfully moulded for the ever growing Chinese Market. Pressure was mounting on wal-mart, as there was a hue and cry of being power centric and environmentally insensitive which led them to turn their focus on better initiatives. The organization was facing increased public criticism on account of a few issues. It was being blamed in issues like contention over low health benefits for its workers and gender discriminations in internal promotions.It’s image was tarnished as there were many accusations. In an attempt to portray a better public image, the idea of sustainable operations was floated by the company . The outcomes of the continuous deliberation was 3 categories of projects- Quick wins (Which would yield the stakeholders quick gains over a short period of time), Innovative projects (which would provide the stakeholders prospective gains within one to three years), and finally the Game changers (Which would take a long time to yield results) Moreover during the planning phase, it was discovered that the chinese consumers were highly cost sensitive and other factors of comfort during shopping were less powerful in comparison to cost.

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