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WALMART Andrew Louis Webster University MNGT 5650 Kenneth Chapman Wal-Mart study Case#1 1. What threats and challenges is Wal-Mart currently facing? From the beginning, Walmart did not have many threats. However, not only the competition is different, several global retailers such as Target, Carrefour, Costco, and Amazon, are working hard to keep efficiency. They are trying to work together to shrink the prices difference between them. Walmart has facing difficulties from every single angle. Not only the company has internal labor relation problems, but also it has some external threats from its competitors. The company must work hard to get possible solutions against its competitors, and to solve any internal problems…show more content…
However, in 2008, there was a change from $8.63 to 10.83 per hour. Managers at Walmart do not respect employee's rights, and they sometimes treat employees in a way that is against the law in the United States. Managers even sometimes force employees to work off the clock and skip lunch, and it is again against the law. The CEO needs to pay attention of such a situation. Because of the labor-related issues, there were several lawsuits against the company in 2008 in the following States: Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, etc. There was also a gender discrimination situation where Women claimed in 2007 they were not treated fairly by the company. Even though people consider Walmart the company that employs more than 1.4 employees, it does not pay good salary to its employees. It is against the law to treat people in such a way. In 2002, Walmart used a type of competition that was not normal 3. Wal-Mart’s Board discussed proposals to meet (some of) these challenges at a board retreat in 2005. Discuss these initiatives as outlined in the “Supplemental Benefits Documentation: Board of Directors Retreat FY06" See also Wal-Mart health cost strategy NYT 26Oct2005. Was additional damage done to Wal-Mart by the leaking to the public of the Board Benefits Strategy document? Challenges are considered the biggest

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