Walmart Case Study

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As a Fortune Global 500 List highest performing company (Wikipedia, sourced Nov 11, 2017), Walmart’s choices in strategies provide an important case study with significant impact to the economy and the lives of thousands of people; employees and customers. The Fortune Global 500 list in 2016 listed Walmart as the “world’s largest company by revenue […] as well as the largest private employers in the world with 2.3 million employees” (Wikipedia, sourced Nov 11, 2017). The company started with a single store with the purpose of providing low cost products to customers. In its 55 years of existence, Walmart has worked to refine its logistics network and scale this business model resulting in operations in 28 countries. Walmart has additionally expanded on its offerings now including super centers, neighborhood markets, and on-line offerings. These are some examples of how Walmart has continued to evolve. Other initiatives that are in pilot phases include a home delivery system called Walmart To Go, the acquisition of Jet.Com and a “same-day and last-mile delivery company” Parcel (Wikipedia, sourced Nov 11, 2017). Continued exploration and testing of new services including free grocery pick up, two-day shipping services, and last-mile grocery delivery (Wikipedia, sourced Nov 11, 2017). A characterization of the situation the company is facing through the lenses of the theories. Walmart’s original and deliberate strategy was to leverage its logistics model to facilitate higher

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