Walmart : Competitive Advantage, Management, Recruitment, And Selection, Compensation

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Walmart Walmart started as a small discount store with an idea of giving customers low prices and has grown into the largest retailer in the last 50 years. Their ability to remain relevant and innovative has insured their success. Walmart uses strategies in competitive advantage, change management, diversity management, recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, and organizational climate to remain the leading retailer in over 28 different countries. These strategies ensure that their consumers continue to walk through their doors; their focus on their associates keeps high retention rates and ensures the organization saves money. Walmart started out as a small discount store with an idea of selling more for less. This…show more content…
Walmart strives to offer the widest choice of products for the cheapest price, along with giving customers the opportunity of choosing the most convenient channel to facilitate the purchase.” (Dudovskiv, 2016) Personally, as much as I dislike shopping at Walmart, because they drive out small town businesses with their extremely low and unbeatable prices; I find myself there shopping there because of the convenience of one-stop shopping (not having to go to several different stores to fill my grocery list), their low unbeatable prices, and their convenient locations. An extremely beneficial, and strategically effective service that they offer, is their oil change and automotive department. This feature ensures that their consumers stay at their location, shopping, while their vehicle is serviced. It’s this exact feature that keeps me coming back. I have two young kids, sitting in a waiting room while my car is serviced isn’t ideal. Why not spend the time an oil change takes shopping, instead of sitting and waiting? Especially for the families with kids. This feature allows you to multi-task, taking care of auto maintenance and grocery shopping at one time, which saves you time for other things the rest of the day. Change is inevitable. Every company should ensure that they are able to adapt to these changes; doing so allows them to remain

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