Walmart Corporation's SWOT Analysis

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Introduction Wal-Mart is a large and powerful corporation that uses its retail stores as its primary means of income and profit. The sheer size and influence this company possess on the global marketplace makes it a useful candidate for strategic management analysis. The purpose of this essay is to internally analyze Wal-Mart Corporation using SWOT methods to gain further knowledge about business operations and strategic planning. This essay will investigate the strengths of the company, explore the competitive advantages that this company possesses and finally determine some of the internal weaknesses that Wal-Mart faces. Background According to its company's website, Wal-Mart's corporate mission states the following; " We save people money so they can live better." This ambiguous statement is backed up by the company expressing its financial priorities: growth, leverage and returns. Growth for Wal-Mart is measured in net sales, where in 2011 they had $419 billion in total net sales. Leverage is measured by operating expenses where in 2011, 19.3% of their total sales was dedicated to operating expenses. Returns are measured in two separate ways; return on investment and free cash flow. In 2011, Wal-Mart earned 19.2% return on investment and their free cash flow was $10.9 billion. Strengths The (2011) profile on Wal-Mart's strengths provided useful information regarding the sources of power for this company. The report mentioned that

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