Walmart Dividend Payout Ratio Analysis

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Beverley Lionel
Module 4 SLP Capital Structure and Dividends
FIN 501: Strategic Corporate Finance
Dr. Edward Kaplan
4 June 2017

Dividend payout defines the amount of dividend which is paid to shareholder in relation to the total net income of the business organization. We will take a look upon the dividend payout ratio of Walmart. According to accounting “Investors are particularly interested in the dividend payout ratio because they want to know if companies are paying out a reasonable portion of net income to investors. For instance, most startup companies and tech companies rarely give dividends at all”. This paper analyzes Walmart Dividend payout, dividend yield, and dividend per share for the past three years; it will also discuss their performance in reference to other industries
Purpose of the report
The purpose of making the report is to analyze the dividend policies of Walmart and other competitor entities in the industry. We took Amazon as the competitor to Walmart. stated that “Walmart first offered common stock to the public in 1970 and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: WMT) on August 25, 1972. We have provided an annual cash dividend, paid quarterly, to shareholders since first declaring a dividend in 1974”.
The dividend payout, dividend yield, and dividend per share for past 3 years of Walmart were as follows: Dividend payout Dividend yield Dividend per share

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