Walmart Erp System Implementation : Introduction

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Walmart ERP system implementation


In the United States of America "fortune" magazine published 2011 Annual Global Fortune 500 rankings, WAL-MART, In the global top 500 enterprises once again won the top,with the business income is 421849 dollar, annual profit of 16389 million dollar. Also worth noting is, in March ten before the other enterprises in the vast majority of oil or electric power resource monopoly enterprises. Then, as a major in retail industry, WAL-MART 's tremendous achievements stunning!

For the success of W-Mart, different people have different opinion. Some people think it is strategic success, some people think it is the application of information technology, some people even think is luck. I do believe in myself: Any one of the success of the enterprise is a system for success, it is composed of numerous details of coordinated stacked organic system success. But the" Global sourcing strategy, distribution system, commodity management, electronic data systems, everyday low-priced strategy". The winning WAL-MART, in this system the key to success, is an enterprise resource planning building and its application, the ERP using.

With the technology advanced and economy blossom, retailer has become an essential part in business chain in this consumers-oriented society. In this paper, I will highlight the the current status of ERP application in the whole retail industry, analyzing diverse ERP software’s strength and weakness and give some
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