Walmart Ethical Assignment (Employee Relations)

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The following report will discuss American retail giant, Wal-mart’s current ethical and business objectives. The report will look at Wal-mart’s employee relations in regard to discrimination and other various issues involving their employees. It will look at how their ethical stance contradicts with what has gone on in the past regarding associates (employees) and management. We will also look at their business objectives or as Wal-mart calls them – “comparable store sales”, where they measure the sales on a like for like basis from the previous year. Included will be Wal-Mart’s sustainability report, and Wal-Mart’s ethical statement. The report will look at what Wal-mart does for employees and what has been reported by employees and…show more content…
A defining quote from Wal-mart’s founding father on how he believes A person should live by in the work place. In dealing with ethical issues Wal-mart have an “open door process” where they encourage all associates to use if they believe to see unethical actions being taken by fellow colleagues or any other stakeholder in Wal-mart. Or they can contact The Global Ethics office to report any concern. Various means of Harassment is not tolerated in Wal-mart and it’s considered a violation of one the three basic beliefs; “respect for the individual”. Harassment is defined as “Any conduct which inappropriately or unreasonably interferes with work performance, diminishes the dignity of any person, or creates an intimidating or otherwise hostile working environment “. (Wal-mart statement of ethics). One the main reasons people go to work is for their physicology needs (salary) and Wal-mart make it clear in their ethics statement that the comply with state or national laws regarding pay. Managers in the business are expected to carry this out fairly without discrimination. It’s also a violation for managers to forces colleagues to work off the clock. “It is a violation of law and Wal-Mart policy for you to work without compensation or for a supervisor (hourly or salaried) to request that you work without compensation. You should Never perform any work for Wal-Mart without compensation”. (Wal-Mart statement of ethics). At Wal-mart, the company takes
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