Walmart External Factors

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Abstract This memorandum is to introduce Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. that set out the topic of this company and get it approved. The topic of Wal-Mart is focusing on three external factors, which are history of company, lawsuits against the company, and foreign currency conversion. These factors from both the positive and negative aspects reflect the present situation of the company. Introduction Authorization Purpose, Scope and Report Organization The purpose of this report is to research some main external factors that affect the biggest worldwide retailer-----Wal-Mart during the last four years. By exploring three selected elements: company’s history, sexual discrimination against female employees, and the foreign exchange rate,…show more content…
It had 38 stores operating with 1,500 employees and sales of $44.2 million. It began trading stock as a publicly held company on October 1, 1970, and was soon listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The first stock split occurred in May 1971 at a market price of $47. By this time, Wal-Mart was operating in five states: Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma; it entered Tennessee in 1973 and Kentucky and Mississippi in 1974. As it moved into Texas in 1975, there were 125 stores with 7,500 employees and total sales of $340.3 million.[10] Wal-Mart opened its first Texas store in Mount Pleasant on November 11, 1975.[11] In the 1980s, Wal-Mart continued to grow rapidly, and by its 25th anniversary in 1987 there were 1,198 stores with sales of $15.9 billion and 200,000 associates.[10] This year also marked the completion of the company 's satellite network, a $24 million investment linking all operating units of the company with its Bentonville office via two-way voice and data transmission and one-way video communication. In 1988, the first Wal-Mart Supercenter opened in Washington, Missouri.[14] Thanks to its superstores, it surpassed Toys "R" Us in toy sales in the late 1990s.[15] The company also opened overseas stores, entering South America in 1995 with stores in Argentina and Brazil; and Europe in 1999, buying Asda in the UK for $10 billion.[16] In 1998, Wal-Mart introduced the "Neighborhood Market"
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