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CFVG VIETNAM, MBA PROGRAM- 21st INTAKE CASE STUDY MARKETING ASSIGNMENT Hanoi, November 11st, 2012 WAL-MART OUTLINE I. ANALYSIS FRAMEWORK 1. Strategic Business Units (SBUs) identification 2. Determination of the specific market for SBU 3. Time selection for this SBU's market. II. COMPETITIVE POSITION AND MARKET POTENTIAL ANALYSIS 1. Competitive scope 2. Competition intensity evaluation 3. Wal-Mart competitive position and market potential evaluation. III. WAL-MART DEVELOPMENT RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Generic strategy 2. International strategy 3. Relevance of cooperation strategy 4. Marketing process 5. Marketing Mix I. ANALYSIS FRAMEWORK 1. Strategic Business Units identification. Before studying deeply about competitive…show more content…
However, the sale continues to grow but at a declining rate as compared to past. Map the competitive groups using various criteria to verify their validity There are lots of competitors in retailing industry. Nevertheless, each opponent has different focus on strategies and market. Entry and exit barriers Each market has different characteristics, which leads to various difficulties entry. In the German market, the most difficult of Wal-Mart is the failure to understand local and management policies are not compatible. Strategic freedom of the company: limited because of 2 sources: Entry barriers high Competitive topography tigh Evaluate the company’s competitive position and its market potential To get better understand of the Wal-Mart competitive position in the global market, we had better to have a look at its own Value Chain in which the value- generating activities separated clearly. As you can see in the above diagram, Wal-Mart activities had divided in to two main activities: Supporting activities (Firm infrastructure, Human Resources, Technology development and procurement) and primary activities (Inbound and outbound logistics, operations, marketing and sales and after-sales services). We diagnose Wal-Mart's strength and weakness followed the value chain as have seen in the below table. Besides, the facts have been proved that the 2 cutthroat competitors of

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