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Internal and External Factors
Team A
Princess Waiters, Chris Tran, Charles Jones, Donald Dryer, Carolina Franco
August 21, 2013
Professor Chris Pahl

Internal and External Factors
The internal and external fact of functions affects management every day. It is the performance that an organization or company within itself could turn out positive or negative. This also pertains to the outside world, where the factors can be beyond the control of the organization in positive or negative situations. The concepts in management implements the four functions needed for the core requirement in management. Planning is the foundation base which all others areas are built. There may be sudden strategies required to be implemented
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These external factors have several ways it can be affected such as economic, legal, and social as well. The way it affects economic growth, interest rates, and exchange rates, the interest rates affects the cost of what can extend a business to grow and expand. The exchange rates affect the costs of exporting supplies that are imported to a business. Legal external include discrimination laws, consumer law, employment law, health and safety law. Social can be affected by schools, careers, emphasis on safety. Most factors affect ones not only the businesses but our society as well, the way it can be affected is on high-speed Internet, computers, cell phones, and video games. Most of our society is used to these technologies in which I believe that the more technology advances the more our society wants to learn about it and want to be involved with it. However, the technology has advanced in every aspect and will continue to advance in which it has been a great help in every way to the government, economy, legal, social, and our society. Some of these factors can contribute to success more than others on how an organization manages the size, complexity, structure, multiple providers, and about measuring the outcomes of identifying the ongoing improvements to the technology and understanding technology is the key to success.
All function is affect by external and internal factors that will influence

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