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Wal-Mart Case Study Part 1 * Is Wal-Mart Good for America? * First company to report 256$ billion in sales * World’s largest company * Global retailors have become the most powerful in the global economy * Each week 100 million shoppers visit Wal-Mart * Try to keep costs as less possible * Large volumes, fast turnover * Buy less, sell for cheaper than the “other guy” * 120,000 items in stock, managed through barcode reader * Track sales of specific items, on specific days, spikes in sales, colors, sizes, flavors, etc. * Shift from push to pull production * Push: manufacturers deciding what to produce, and telling retailors to sell it * Pull:…show more content…
Group Discussion: “are there any ethical issues that arise from Wal-Mart promoting “always low prices”, and creating the perception in consumers’ minds that their prices are actually lowest, given their ‘opening price point’ strategy? * The Globalization of Production & Wal-Mart * “Wal-Mart basically tells its suppliers ‘we need to get those products at 30% lower price – you need to move to Asia – you

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