Walmart : Global Economy Is Being Transformed By Walmart

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Walmart Effect The Walmart Effect by Charles Fishman is about how the global economy is being transformed by Walmart. Over the past 20 years Walmart has changed the way people do business and what the consumer expects from a store. When Sam Walton opened the first Walmart in 1962 his first priority was the lowest price for the customer. Sam’s values were: hard work, frugality, disincline and loyalty. (27) As the company grown occasionally that mentality has been pushed past the point of reason, and taken to extremes where laws have been broken and workers being over worked and under paid. Walmart is the world’s largest company and private employer. The book defines Walmart as “quintessentially American.” (246) The summation of this is…show more content…
The consumer must establish what standards they expect and they do that by backing companies, such as Walmart with their wallets. Waddell with the Christian moral ethics would say we are to respect all people and the world in which we live. That requires that customers pay for products that are not made in sweat shops by children. Christians are called to love, and with that a Christian should try to be love to everyone they encounter. That means not investing their money in corporations that thrive off of exploiting the weak in developing nations. The libertarian on the other believes almost the exact opposite. The libertarian would say that Walmart is a member of a free market and Walmart can do as it sees fit. If a company says it can get “x” number of products for a set value they are required to meet that contract with Walmart. People or companies are free to do as they please without harming others. Whether Walmart has a direct hand in harming anyone is kept well under wraps by the very silent company. The utilitarian would be very supportive of Walmart. Because Walmart goes out off its way to get the lowest prices for the customer. That would be the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Sam Walton founded Walmart on very utilitarian beliefs, and that is why it has thrived in this egocentric society. Walmart does everything in its power, which is quite a lot, to get the lowest price for the customer. Walmart is the majority, they have the

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