Walmart Inc Case Study

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▪ Information Technology :
They have a strong information technology system as implemented EDI, Information system, UPC at POS, Satellite system, Pick to light system, Vendor management inventory system which was not implemented by any other competitor. ▪ Supply Chain (Strong). They had a long term relationship with the supplier as there was no non sense negotiator as they eliminated the manufacture representative from negotiation with the suppliers. ▪ They were focused on Human resource and development as associates were considered a key to success for Wal-Mart.


▪ They were not globally known so it would be difficult for them to create a brand name globally.
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Further Wal-Mart was providing latest technology facilities to their major suppliers which helped in forecasting and planning. So the suppliers might loose their business if they switch to other. ▪ Supplier’s group products are not differentiated as there were many other suppliers available in the market who were producing the same category of products. ▪ Industry is an important customer of supplier group because their revenues are dependent on the sales of the retail stores.

Maintaining Competitive Edge

Wal-Mart needs to identify and nurture the primary core competency that fueled their growth: fulfilling customer needs with a wide spectrum of products at everyday low prices This competency is the product of the aggregate of competencies across individual skill sets and organization boundaries: Wal-Mart is a leader in channel management, inventory control, distribution and customer service. This is a result of the company 's ability to coordinate a complex information management and distributing network and to efficiently manage supplier relations, through the use of new technologies and the seamless flow of information. Wal-Mart was a leader in Uniform Product Codes scanning. For the two years that it took K-Mart to implement their system, Wal-Mart had, at least temporarily, a competitive advantage that was both valuable and rare.
Another characteristic that is valuable and difficult to imitate: a loyal and

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