Walmart International And International Analysis

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Walmart International Analysis Throughout the years, Walmart’s strategy is being a great formula of success in the United States and they kept growing in a way that there was nothing else to go because the market was so saturated in America that if they wanted to grow and produce more profits, they would have to do something else. Along with the saturation of the market, Walmart realized that the American population was only 4% of the global population and there was 96% of the population out from America that could be explored, and there were developing countries that had a great potential to make profits to Walmart. Due to the saturation of the American market, opportunity in developing countries to grow and most of the population of America, the most natural way to keep growing and creating opportunities to grow in fact was going to do business with international markets.
Then, in 1991, Walmart decided that they would expand to the international market and their first target was their neighbor in North America, Mexico. In Mexico, they went a 50/50 joint venture with Cifra group that was the leader chain in Mexico, and they had a great success there, and then they bought more shares. Even though Walmart was a success in Mexico, does the Walmart America’s formula fit in every other culture? There are some examples that shows that their strategies could be duplicated in other countries such as in Canada and Mexico, but most of their experiences in foreign market shows that…
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