Walmart Is A Global Employer Essay

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Walmart is a global employer in the retail industry that employs employees all over the world. We believe Walmart can improve by implementing the following strategies: Cost leadership strategy - this is what Walmart is known for, Differential strategy - a big portion of what how Walmart stands out from others (is different) is because of their pricing, which kind of reflects #1 (cost leadership), Value-creating strategy - again they create value because consumers enjoy their prices and offerings, because of their supplier diversity ..which again kind of reflects #1 (cost leadership), Revamp the external view of its workforce - this one is different from the others and we all know how much Walmart has been in the news for their treatment of employees and some of their policies. Walmart needs to improve their image in the public 's eye. However, the company is in the midst of this strategy. We only know this because one of our group members worked there. They were doing this strategy by adding an employee dress code to make their employees more noticeable to the public, which often complained of not being able to find an employee when needed. Additionally, Walmart has a bad imagine due to the fact their workers were paid very little. A fair amount of their workers were working full-time and qualifying for public aid due to their wages. Walmart wanted to repair their imagine a bit in the public eyes. They felt their best strategy was to increase the minimum pay of their
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