Walmart : Low Wages, Low Morals

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Walmart: Low Wages, Low Morals Walmart, The High Cost of Low Price is a documentary based on the egregious practices of a multi billion dollar company known as, Walmart. A company in America as big as walmart, you would expect labor unions to be the main necessity. A labor union is an organized group of workers who are joined together to increase their benefits for rights. Walmart claims their company prefers to be open and direct with their associates rather than labor unions, using the justification of their associates not wanting them (Chris Osterndorf, 10 Reasons Why Walmart is the Worst Company in America). In reality, Walmart does not even claim the word union and tries their hardest not to say it. In the documentary, a man states “Union is like a cuss word to Walmart, they won 't say it.” they are so aggressively against unions they are willing to throw the blame on their associates not wanting them. Unions and walmart do not go together, along with the many other atrocious policies that come along with this company including weakening of communities, foreign labor workers, and discrimination against women. Although unions are one of Walmart 's biggest setbacks, many more complications come along the way. The main unethical behavior I came across first was the disgraceful acts of Walmart dragging down these communities in every area they are built in without realizing it. These small town “mom-and-pop” stores are being taken down by walmart because of excuses like
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