Walmart : Market And Social Values

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Walmart has always been a controversial topic centering its economic and social values since the day it started to expand. However, even with the intensifying voices against Walmart, it has changed the retailing industry by ‘training’ its customer into buying commodities at their lowest price, revolutionizing manufactures and actively promoting itself and participating in charitable events. Before Walmart, no retailer seriously considered the importance of customer experiences and how the minor differences in prices can have huge impact on customers. But Walmart, like a seed sprouse with an astonishing rate, stroke customers with its own low price and ‘trained’ its customer into a habit of shopping at Walmart with the lowest price in the market. Starting from transforming customers, Walmart has been seeking the best solutions of producing, packaging and marketing with the goal of having the lowest price. Walmart is a revolutionary company that treats market and the customers from a new approach. Ten years earlier, 1985, Walmart was still a regional shift with $8.5 billion in revenue (Fishman, 29). However, Walmart grew in an unexpected rate in years. By 1994, Walmart 's size was bigger than that of Sears and Kmart combined. How could Walmart achieve such success unprecedented success? Since the day that Walmart was founded by Sam Walton, one of the Walmart’s key strategies has never changed: The Lowest Prices Anytime, Anywhere (“Our Story”). At the beginning,
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