Walmart Monitoring Policy

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12-1. Policy All Walmart information resources are the property of Walmart. Walmart has the legal right to monitor and audit the use of its information resources as necessary for compliance with policies, processes, procedures, and standards to ensure the appropriate use and protection of Walmart information resources. The activities of all Walmart employees who use Walmart computing resources may be subject to audit or monitoring, and any detected misuse of Walmart computing resources may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including removal, termination, and criminal prosecution. This monitoring policy does not apply to Walmart customers who visit the Walmart website or use the Walmart app (i.e., no attempt is made to identify individual customers or their usage habits). See the Walmart Privacy Policy at…show more content…
The risks associated with newly discovered vulnerabilities must be documented. Exhibit 12-2.1 Testing of Systems and Process Frequency Testing Activities Continuously Monitor all network traffic and alert personnel to suspected compromises using network intrusion-detection systems, host-based intrusion detection systems, and intrusion-prevention systems. Weekly Use file integrity monitoring software to alert personnel when files have been modified without authorization. Configure software so it can compare files. Quarterly Use a wireless analyzer to identify all wireless devices in use. Scan for vulnerabilities in internal and external networks (or when system components have been added, network topology has changed, firewall rules have been modified, or products have been
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