Walmart Organizational Behaviour

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Intro Wal-Mart has been one of the world most successful stories; the small store in Alaska has been extended to be the world largest retail organization. Behind this success; there have been certain organization behaviors that have shaped the Wal-Mart stores. In this essay, we try to explore those orgnizationuinal behavior factors that have created the Wal-Mart culture; keeping into considerations the values of ethics and modern business behavior, we try to explore Wal-Mart behaviors in the areas of organization culture, change management, leadership..etc … Organization Design Wal-Mart eager for a “low cost strategy” that serves its sole focus on customers buying cheap items with good quality and service under the umbrella of…show more content…
Wal-Mart though its growth have always wanted to stick to its “low-paid strategy” which have lead to strong utilization of an Economic approach to guide and plan its change as well as the pressure coming from the global change. In fact, there are some believes that Wal-Mart have made some changes affecting the US manufactures and forcing them to manufacture products in the far east in order for them to meet Wal-Mart low cost strategy requirements. Wal-Mart Stores by years: [pic] The spread of Information Technology and computer network Wal-Mart has been aware that it should take advantage of the spread of information technology; therefore it was one of the first organizations to adapt the IT system for its inventory purposes. This change has been affective to Wal-Mart to reduce cost of inventory process as well as replacing the manual procedures to an automated one. Wal-Mart took the lead in that and instead of being pressured by the spread of IT; Wal-Mart was the organization which puts pressure on others to use IT. in the words of Randy Mott, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer “ the surest way to predict the future is to invent it”(case study, page 8) Wal-Mart also pioneered the use of electronic coding system for its items and utilized IT development to be in its behalf. Changing Nature work force: As the Quality of work life (QWL) standards are getting higher and higher every day, Wal-Mart faces the challenge to
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