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Introduction In this report, we would present a case study of strategic audit for Wal-Mart in China. We would begin by discussing the strategic posture, current performance, corporate culture and top management of Wal-Mart in China. Then, we would analyze the external environment of Wal-Mart by performing the PEST analysis and Six-Forces Model analysis. After that, we would analyze the internal environment of Wal-Mart by performing analysis on each of the corporate function. Based on the analysis in the external and internal environment, we would be able to present the SWOT model and identify the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat for Wal-Mart. From the SWOT analysis, recommendations would be made to Wal-Mart. At last, we would…show more content…
Strive for Excellence The associates share an exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction. Cultural Stories To build the corporate culture among employees, Wal-Mart has told five culture stories such that the employees can recognize and share the Wal-Mart values easily. Here are the five culture stories related to the corporate culture in Wal-Mart: The Sundown Rule The rule means that the associates would strive to answer requests by sundown on the day they receive them. Exceed Customers ' Expectations At Wal-Mart, associates would provide the best service which exceeds the customers¡¦ expectations. Wal-Mart receives letters daily from customers praising individual associates for giving exceptional service. Sometimes associates write to express their appreciation for services as simple as a smile, an associate remembering their name or someone carrying out their purchases for them. All these show that the associates have given exceptional service which exceeds the customer¡¦s expectations. The "Ten-Foot Attitude" The attitude encourages the associates to look at the customer¡¦s eyes and smile to them when the customers are within the 10-foot of the employees. The associates would also take the initiatives to provide help when necessary. Every Day Low Prices Wal-Mart would try the best to cut the cost and pass the saving to customers. It is

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