Walmart Smart Inventory System Essay

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Arnold Zio
BUS 362 Spring, Miller

Wal-Mart S.M.A.R.T System

I live close to a walmart in Burtonsville MD, so I decided to write this Paper on their Inventory System. Wal-mart, the wholesale retail monopoly, focused on developing an RFID-based electronic product code, or EPC. The electronic code would allow businesses to track shipments and inventory automatically through a system of tags and sensors. It was a potential replacement for the manual scanning of bar codes, a technology that itself revolutionized retail two decades earlier. Given the nearly non-existent cost of bar codes relative to RFID, several in the industry said, the EPC was a solution in search of a problem. Wal-Mart view RFID technology in their SMART system as a
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With the Telxon, price changes for each item can be implemented only three times a day with the current system and processes. Wal-Mart is testing LCD shelf tags from NCR that are powered and controlled by infrared light units on the ceiling and can be changed in real time, concurrent with changes at the point-of-sale registers.

The Strengths of The SMART Inventory System are, the actual database has to be enormous. There are so many products that the Wal-Mart keeps track of. All of which must be in the same database because products they don't carry will still scan and give all the detailed information of those Products. This is helpful because it allows people to return products from a "Mega Wal-Mart" that carries a much larger stock than a regular Wal-Mart. Other Strengths are that the SMART system is linked to the cash registers. When a product is sold, inventory is updated automatically. On hand counts are updated and on some products they are reordered automatically, depending on how many are left. With in addition to the RFID technology.
Wal-mart uses smart tag sensors on garments to track better inventory controls, Wal-Mart workers will be able to quickly learn, which size of a particular brand product is missing, with the aim of ensuring shelves are optimally stocked and inventory
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