Walmart Stores, Inc.

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For this assignment, Walmart stores Inc. will be looked at owing to the company’s ‘out of stock issues’ and the need for the entity to further integrate its digital services with the physical stores of the company to enhance profitability. The author selected Walmart for this research project because the two challenges mentioned can be rectified through technological applications that require time and the necessary level of investment to achieve success. Accordingly, for this paper, the writer endeavours to provide an organisational description of Walmart, which entails: organisational and governance structure, geographical location, potential population characteristics; technological challenges and possible solutions – regarding the company. Overview of Walmart Stores, Inc. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (which was incorporated in October, 1969) is presently the world’s largest retailer; it sells a wide variety of products at economical prices when compared to competitors (Reuters, 2016). Wal-Mart’s business affairs are operated in three sectors: Walmart U.S., Walmart International and Sam 's Club (Reuters, 2016). The U.S. portion of the company runs retail stores in all states as well as Puerto Rico, my way of three main store set-ups, and digital retail (Reuters, 2016). The international wing of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., features business activities in 26 foreign countries (that is, outside of the United States) and comprises several formats separated into three main classes:
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