Walmart Stores Inc. Strategic Management

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Walmart Stores Inc. Strategic Management Essay
Walmart Stores Inc. (Walmart) is not only the world’s largest retailer by revenue, but it is also one of the most profitable and well-known companies in the world. This strategic management essay will explore Walmart Stores Inc. in detail by identifying its challenges in the remote external environment, analyzing its competitive forces, performing a SWOT analysis, and providing strategic management recommendations based on my experience working with the company in the past. By exploring Walmart Stores Inc. in detail, I can explain to the readers of this essay where Walmart stands in the retail sector going forward.
Section One
As illustrated in its mission statement of "We save people money, so they can live better" (Furtwengler, 2009, p. 20), Walmart is aggressive in trying to offer products at competitive prices to foster loyalty and business from its customers, and in order to provide revenue to its shareholders. Walmart has many inside stakeholders, which includes its executive officers, board of directors, stockholders, and over 2.2 million employees worldwide (Walmart Corporate, n.d.). Outside Stakeholders for Walmart Stores Inc. includes its customers first and foremost, suppliers, local governments, and the communities in which it operates.
Although Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, it faces a number of challenges in the remote external environment, some of which are unique to it due to its position as a leader
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