Walmart Stores Incorporated: Business Analysis and Recommendations

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Having business operations in 27 countries with 69 different brand names, Wal-Mart is able to serve a huge number of customers per day. Wal-Mart is the fastest growing and the most successful retail brand in the world. The factors which make it the strongest brand in its industry include large customer base, sound financial strength, strong brand image, and huge supply chain network. Wal-Mart has certain weaknesses in its operations and business setup like low acceptability of certain products, high employee turnover, and less recognition of newly introduced brands. These weaknesses can be overcome by availing attractive opportunities from the market and investing more in the most profitable areas. Wal-Mart faces the biggest threat from its competitors and ever-changing customer preferences.
The analysis carried out with the help of McKinsey's 7-S Framework shows that Wal-Mart has instituted effective business management policies and strategies to keep its market leadership intact and gain a competitive edge over other competitors. The business strategies, staffing policies, skills development, leadership styles, organizational structure, and organizational culture; all business affairs, activities, and strategies are aligned with…
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