Walmart Swot Analysis

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SWOT ANALYSIS OF WALMART The ‘Fortune 500’ is a list of top 500 companies, with the highest gross revenue in the United States. The list is complied and published on an annual basis by the Fortune magazine, and it includes both publicly and privately held companies arranged in decreasing order of their gross revenue adjusted for excise taxes. The Fortune 500 list was first was published in 1955, and originally included only manufacturing, mining, and energy industries, but now it has been extended to include service companies as well such as life insurance companies, commercial banks, retailers, transportation etc. One company that has been a consistent topper in the list of Fortune 500 is Wal-Mart. It was the largest company …show more content…
For instance, in 2012, Wal-Mart and the Wal-Mart Foundation gave more than $1 billion in cash and in-kind contributions around the world, including $1 billion in cash and in-kind gifts in the United States and another $82.2 million in cash and in-kind gifts in the international markets. In addition, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and Logistics associates volunteered more than 2.2 million hours, generating $18 million to U.S. nonprofits.

5. The low price model of the Wal-Mart stores has helped it to weather the economic down turn storms. Even in recessionary times Wal-Mart has outperformed its peers as Wal-Mart’s size gives it the opportunity to reap economies of scale. 6. Wal-Mart has brought back their lay-a-way option for the holiday season, which brings in a lot more revenues. 7. Wal-Mart has updated their internet selling practices to make them more user-friendly and easy for shoppers. Included is their new site-to-store option and Home Free shipping

-Wal-Mart also has its weaknesses. 1. Wal-Mart sells products across many sectors and industries (such as food clothing, stationary etc). It therefore does not have the flexibility of more focused competitors. 2. Wal-Mart has started facing stiff competition with stores such as Dollar stores which offer low prices to the customers without getting into the hassle of having to navigate through a super giant store. These stores have been able to find a small market.

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