Walmart: The American Dream

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The American dream The United States of America represented the land of promise for millions of people around the world, and for many years. For some, the American dream is still existent and continues to lure in millions of immigrants each year. For others however, the American dream is setting, and this might be revealed at several levels, such as the decreasing access to health care, the decreasing quality of the educational act, the decreasing access to jobs or the lower ability for the average citizen to live a life without worry or economic care. The reasons as to why the American dream is fading are numerous and complex, including some features such as the greed of the large corporations, the changing legislations or the decreasing power of the government, as well as the decreasing interest of the government in the wellbeing of the people. Governments would traditionally act as a force of the people, by the people and for the people, but recently however, corporations have placed themselves within this relationship, to influence governments to act in their favor. A notable example in this sense is represented by the oil drilling companies, which continue to pollute and prevent alternative sources of energy from developing. Exxon Mobil has for instance spent millions of dollars to prove that global warming is a make belief phenomenon, rather than a real threat (Mandia). The corporations are as such becoming more and more powerful and they support the demise of

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