Walmart : The Biggest Retailer Of The Poor Countries, Us Companies Gain The Massive Profit

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Using cheap labor from the poor countries, US companies gain the massive profit. For example, Walmart is the biggest retailer in America, because the most products of Walmart import from China. To against the competitors, Walmart reduces the prices, but to hold profit stable, the company has to use the cheap labor. Walmart has the biggest numbers of employees, which is over one million workers, but the wage and working condition are horrible. The hourly wage is three cents, and the best workers receive ten cents. Walmart’s workers also include children and women, and these workers even get paid less than a man, even though they have the same amount of work. Walmart is famous with the cheap electronic products, but the quality isn’t good as…show more content…
Apple, the giant electronic device company in the US, also makes a massive profit from the cheap labor in China. As same as Walmart, the workers for Apple Company have to work overtime because the hourly wage can’t support their families, and they have to work in the environment full of dust and metal. Foxcom is a company of Apple in China, which manages the processing of Apple products. In the plant producing IPhone 5c, a 15 years-old boy is killed because of the unclean condition, and he was too tired. The average working hour is more than 60 a week, so many workers have to sleep overnight at the workplace, and some even work both day shift and night shift to feed their families. Although the workers of Apple Company are suffering, the profit of this company is still increasing. Last year, the avenue of Apple was 42.1 billion dollars, and net profit was 4.8 billion dollars. The cost to make an IPhone is about 200 dollars, but it is sold by 700 to 900 dollars each. Workers in China get 1.5 dollars an hour, so they get 268 dollars a month, and that is three times less than the price of a phone. Apple gains the huge profit, but they haven’t given any benefit to these workers. China is just one of many countries suffer in selfish of the giant companies. Côte d’Ivoire is a country in Africa, and it is famous with production of cocoa, and it’s also where the
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