Walmart : The Human Resource Department

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Sam Watson the founder of Walmart once said “our people make the difference”. Walmart understands the importance of its human resource department. Its employees deal directly with its customers and this has an influence on the success of Walmart. The objectives and corporate goals of Walmart are cost reduction, saving money for on goods for its customers to live better and the acknowledgement that their success to a great extent depends on their employees. The human resource functions that Walmart has put in place to be in line with its business objectives are its retention programs/strategies, internal promotion and career development and compensation. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that has chains of large …show more content…

Over the years, the human resource department of Walmart has broadened its traditional human resource functions of recruiting, training, employee welfare to accommodate functions that have to do with Walmart’s corporate goals and, thus aligning the human resource function with its business objectives. These functions are retention programs, internal promotion and career development and compensation. Sam Watson, the founder of Walmart placed so much value on his employees that he called the Walmart human resource department the people division instead of the human resource department. The employees are called associates rather than being known as employees. This gives a sense of belonging to he employees. One of the functions that help channel Walmart towards its corporate goals is its retention program. Walmart as a company suffers from relatively high employee turnover especially from among hourly sales employee (Thompson). The retention program is geared towards retaining the employees that Walmart already has. This is done by recognising the efforts of excellent staffs, by awarding bonuses to deserving staffs based on business performance, although this strategy is used for managerial positions (Thompson). It also includes promotions and training development to support the company human resource needs

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