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Walmart the Master Strategizes Walmart has always been considered a powerhouse in the retail business world. It is encouraging to read the story about how Walmart started as a small store in one location but now Walmart has grown to over 11,000 stores worldwide. There is no mistaking that Walmart has shown itself to be a business that has grown to the ranks of empire among retail. With net earnings of more than $482 billion and a staff of more than 2.2million associates worldwide (Walmart, 2016), Walmart has squashed its competitors and created a category all its own. These successes can be contributed to Walmart’s’ exemplary external and internal business environment and their ability to construct a masterful business and corporate level strategy. Walmart’s external environment includes the areas of General, Industry and Competitor environment (Loganathan, 2013). An industries’ environment are those things that directly affects that its actions and its competitors reaction. These actions and reactions are important because they can be the fine line between profit and loss. These elements all work together to achieve strategic competitiveness. External environment can be achieved by identifying trends, detecting changes, projecting outcomes, and assessing the environment that the company occupies. Industries usually use special groups to use all these concept to give the organization in advantage over the competitors. Sometimes, threats to the external environment occur and

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