Walmart Vs. Macy : A Different Shopping Experience

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Walmart vs Macy: A Different Shopping Experience We all know that both Walmart and Macys are two of the most popular stores, they both have different concepts of the customer experience have manage to divide the public right down the middle. Macy’s stores serves high-end clientele, Walmart has more relaxed and price friendly appeal to those of who are in the middle or even low income. Many middle income Americans shop at Walmart primarily because of their low prices, there are shoppers that gathers shop for the quality of Macys. Is just a matter of asking shoppers a question: Why Walmart vs Macys? What is more important quality or quantity for the shopper’s money? Depending at their answer could change the future of each store, and maybe each store could change their perspective towers their shoppers. The customers at the Walmart store are average shoppers, they are shoppers that are looking for the right price. The Walmart located in Ceres is mainly catered to a Hispanic market, so as usual the chatter or comment are often common to my observations. At this store usually you will find families, mother with small children, and man with cell phones calculators to determine what they can afford and what they cannot. For example: this couple was talking about what they really need it to buy, it was kind of upsetting to hear them say, that they need to choose from milk or bread. Walmart have very low in price, but some price are still high for other families. Other shoppers
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