Walmart and Guns

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The gun used at the elementary school was an AR-15 which was registered to the assailant's mother. This same assault rifle was used in an Oregon mall shooting two days before, as well as in the Colorado movie theater shooting of July 2012 (Zornick 2013). Since this incident, politicians as well as businesses throughout the United States have responded by trying to limit the ability of American citizens to acquire firearms. Specifically the purpose of this research is to analyze what degree the Wal-Mart chain's selling of firearms will have on the American public.

Purpose of Research: The purpose of this research is to determine what impact if any will be made if the Wal-Mart department store chain changes its current practices regarding the selling of firearms and accessories.

Research Questions:
What are the major factors of gun violence in the United States, particularly in cases like Sandy Hook Elementary? What does the legal sale of guns have to do with the proclivity of gun violence? What change will there be, if any, if the Wal-Mart chain becomes more vigilant over gun distribution and gun sales? Will this help curb the pattern of gun violence in the United States? If the Wal-Mart chain implements further safeguards in the selling of guns would guns still be used in crimes?…

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