Walmart and Its Associates Efficient Operator or Neglectful Employer

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Introduction: Ethical Issues 3 Employee compensation issues 3 Alleged Sexual Discrimination 4 Dominance Policies 4 Unionisation 5 Wal-Mart: Past and new allegations 5 Conclusion 6 References 7

Introduction: Ethical Issues (Appendix A) Wal-Mart had been criticized for its worst CSR practices which includes low wages for the employees (Karen, 2004). Immoral activity of paying low for more and the overtime works had been held (Karen, 2004) .The quantitative records of designations in the company showed that Wal-Mart had sexual discrimination in its organization (The Economist, 2004). Lastly, severely opposing formation of the union formation within the organization which include aggressive policies
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The pre-conventional level of Wal-Mart in the Kohlberg’s level of moral development resulted in the best firm development and quite worst stakeholder’s improvement. Their excessive power over the employees and the communities made them to work hard for Wal-Mart or made them to quit.
But excessive power over employee is serious because Wal-Mart follows market capitalism model where on the other-hand the working class has little power and so the Wal-Mart exploits them. (Ryan, 2012)
The Amoral management of Wal-Mart stood against the union formation in order to avoid stakeholder’s attribute of power against firm. The Working Families of Wal-Mart were formed only as a counteract for the actions of special interest groups. Sam Walton failed to follow the Principle of justice by prohibiting the unions: which stands for the labour’s welfare. There must be an opposition party which point out the blunders likewise in the company, that work has been performed by the labour’s union. They must be there to raise voice for their well being and suggestions. So the union opposition will make the firm dormant.

Wal-Mart: Past and new allegations
In the year 2001, the largest sexual discrimination class-action lawsuit surfaced in U.S. history, in which 1.6 million Wal-Mart women employees were involved. By 2011, Wal-mart eventually won the 10 year old case as Judge ruled

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