Walmart de Mexico's Bribery Issue

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It’s seemingly that Walmart de Mexico bribery scandal is far from over. Many investigations has been carried out to fully answer what acctually happened in the past, what system failed, and who was responsible for possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), which bars bribery of foreign officials, but questions of accountability recently remain unanswered. It also means that Walmart leaders have succeeded in hiding all the important clues to avoid sanctions. The whole thing began when Walmart de Mexico was alleged orchestrating bribes to obtain building permits, zoning variances, and environmental clearances at Mrs. Pineda’s alfalfa field in 2003. As Walmart started digging the ground at Mrs. Pineda’s field months…show more content…
This tranfers occurred despite the fact that Rodríguezmacedo was implicated in the bribery allegations. Then the investigatiors silienced and case closed. We might figure out Walmart’s trying to conceal all the thing, as a result, no executive was notified in this case. Six years later, Walmart disclosed FCPA investigation beginning the internal investigation into whether certain matters, including permitting, licensing and inspections, were in compliance with the U.S. FCPA. In 2012, the Walmart bribery scandal 2.0 went public as the allegation of The New York Time was that Walmart Mexico, under the direction of the then country CEO and his General Counsel, bribed officials to get permits and clearances for new stores — and falsified records of these transactions. The NYT documets shown more than $24 million in bribes. Although, it must be emphasized that there are are not official findings as yet. Certainly an important goal for Walmart’s board and current management is to improve the company’s compliance capability. According to Walmart’s Global Compliance Report (GCR), it is also likely that enhanced compliance personnel, processes and systems are part of a company effort to respond to problems uncovered in the investigation to improve

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