Walmart 's Brazilian Ecommerce Group

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2. Wal-Mart: Neo4j
In April 2011 the biggest multinational retailer company in the US made clear that Big Data will become a part of Wal-Mart DNA. They purchased Kosmix, a social media start-up focused on e-commerce. They developed a software application which had the ability to search and analyse social media applications (like Twitter or Facebook) in real-time in order to provide personalized insights to users. Now Wal-Mart is Big Data knowledge-empire. An important tool in achieving that has become the Neo4j database.

Walmart’s Brazilian eCommerce group chose Neo4j to help Walmart understand the behavior and preferences of these online buyers with enough speed and in enough depth to make realtime, personalized, ‘you may also like’ recommendations, a proven way to maximize revenue.

Challenges: As Marcos explained: “A relational database wasn’t satisfying our requirements about performance and simplicity, due the complexity of our queries.” To address this, Marcos’ team decided to use Neo4j, a graph database, for which category Neo4j is the market leader.

Solution: By design, graph databases can quickly query customers’ past purchases, as well as instantly capture any new interests shown in the customers’ current online visit – essential for making real-time recommendations. Matching historical and session data in this way is trivial for graph databases like Neo4j, enabling them to easily outperform relational and other ‘NoSQL’ data products.

Benefits: Walmart is now…
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