Walmart 's Entry Into A Community

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The growth and dominance of large, national chains is a ubiquitous feature of the U.S. retail sector. The recent literature has documented the rise of these chains and the contribution of this structure change to productivity growth in the retail trade sector. Recent studies have also shown that the establishment of single unit firms they are displacing. We dissect the shift towards large national chains on several margins. Explore the differences and entry and exit as well as job creation and destruction patterns at the establishment and firm level. With malls franchises strips big box realtors increasingly dotting the landscape there is concern that middle-class jobs in manufacturing in the US are being replaced by minimum wage Jobs in…show more content…
In today 's economy you have the issue of Internet commerce which is taking up many of these stores sales and putting them out of business just by Kmart (Foster, L.,2015). However, with Walmart and target being online and being able to shop online it attracts people from other cities therefore and his help them remain a great powerhouse in the retail Industry which interns keep their revenue fairly high. Due to Walmart’s rapidly high expansion it is said that they are a thought for 40 to 50% of the decline a smaller store such as Kmart (Foster, L., 2015). It is due to the fact that the way Kmart is set up it makes it difficult for them to be able to compete against their well-known competitors. Due to globalization there are many things in society that have been affected by it. Such as rising gas prices and in regards leads to the closing of one of the longest standing stores as well as the workforce in the community. There are people who barely makes enough money as it is and it is only set up for the managers to go into the type a position to be able to make any kind of living. Even as managers at times they don’t make enough to live off of even though they are making more than their employees. As for a regular employee the benefits are not that great and they surely are not making enough to live on. Managers have to work longer shifts and more hours just to be able to break even. Even then they still don 't have enough to live on without having to worry how
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