Walmart 's Environmental Impact On Sustainability

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1. What projects did you select?
I selected Walmart’s project to work with their suppliers to encourage sustainable practices and products, Walmart’s own new commitment to move to 100% recyclable packaging and to remove certified synthetic colors and artificial flavors in their own products, and Walmart’s project to raise their hourly wage to $10.
2. What goals do the projects address in terms of environmental impacts?
The first project concerning Walmart’s commitment to working with suppliers to evaluate their products relates directly to Walmart’s environmental impacts. Just looking at this aspect of this business, Walmart can be classified as a supplier. The goods they buy are then sold to the consumer through Walmart. Walmart is
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Both packaging and emissions have a direct impact on the environment
The final project I am discussing, Walmart’s wage increase doesn’t directly relate to the environment. Concerning the triple bottom line this project fits more into the social category, because it impacts the life of their workers and their community. They set the following goals: “Be the place to go for a first job, provide a clear path for career advancement, put millions of associates through focused training, foster predictability and stability and pay, accelerate the mobility of frontline retail workers beyond Walmart, promote culture, diversity and inclusion at Walmart, support economic inclusion in supply chains and communities.”(Walmart, 8).
3. How do the projects’ outcomes relate to the business reasons for adopting sustainability practices?
The business reasons for adopting sustainability practices are reducing costs, generating new revenue streams, increasing market share, improving external image, reducing compliance and litigation risks, attracting and retaining labor talent, and attracting capitol. All three of these projects relate to several of these reasons. It is important to consider that Walmart has just recently implemented most of their sustainability projects, there has not been enough time
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