Walmart 's Impact On The Global Market

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Walmart Stores Incorporated is a retail giant that went from a small town business which was started in 1962 by Sam Walton, to a Global phenomenon. Walmart is ranked as one of the largest retail stores globally. It has over 2 million employees and revenues of over $480 billion in sales as of January 2016. (Chain store age, 2016). It is an icon in the cultural fabric of America and has also firmly established itself as a competitor in the global market with the store 's expansion globally. Walmart is unique in maintaining low prices and quality products in a market that seek high profit margins to sustain visibility and customers. While Walmart has maintained its impact on the global retail market and in business, it has not done so without facing many challenges and obstacles. Walmart has managed to draw criticism from its stakeholders for which it has had to defend its marketing strategies and how it affects them as stakeholders. One of the major criticism that Walmart has had to face by its competitor stakeholders, is its effect on smaller retail businesses once it moves into a community. Once Walmart opens a superstore in a community, many local stores go out of business. This is as a result of Walmart pricing and low cost products which makes it hard for competing stakeholders to stay in the market. These stakeholders have accused Walmart of driving down prices, whereby they were forced to go out of business. Walmart, however, has often defended its pricing as
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