Walmart 's Massive Expansion Of New Communities

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More than 1 billion people live on less than $1.25 a day, which companies in the world have figured out to provide stuff at a low price have followed the global Walmart Effect (Kenny 22). The retailer Walmart’s massive expansion of new communities are actually beneficial because they provided more job opportunities and economic support to struggling families. The expansion is able to provide stable economic jobs to individuals who are either entering to work force. Walmart’s policies are beneficial to families who work with a low income. On account of their policies, Walmart’s low prices allow families to save money. This has allowed Walmart to experience the growth that it has experienced over the last few decades. Also, Walmart is very innovative to make sure that customers get the best option they can receive. These conditions are one of the main reasons why Walmart is beneficial to the community. To further explain the issue, Walmart is often a company shrouded in controversy. This controversy often unnecessary because, Walmart is doing so much for the consumer. Their lowered prices are a sign that Walmart is wanting to give everyone the choice and option to afford products. According to Scott Winship, the poor benefits from lower prices than others because a bigger share of things they brought were good sold by Walmart (Par 20). There is usually a push-back in a community when they announce a Walmart is being built. These pushbacks only mention the negative aspects of

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