Walmart 's More Recent Activity

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Second, Walmart’s more recent activity also points to effective CSR practices. These efforts have included a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions along its entire supply chain, ceasing business with factories that violated labor laws, as well as “financial contributions in kind, such as investments in education, health, commitments to fight hunger, support for local farmers and access to healthier and affordable food” (Torres, Garcia-French, Hordijk,& Nguyen 2012, p. 25). Furthermore, Walmart has committed itself to three specific goals to be accomplished in the near future. “Using 100% renewable energy, creating zero waste and selling products that sustain people and the environment” (Torres, Garcia-French. Hordijk, & Nguyen 2012,…show more content…
The Apple website provides a Supplier Responsibility statement “ Apple is committed to the highest standards of social responsibility across our worldwide supply chain. We insist that all of our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. Our actions – from thorough site audits to industry-leading training programs – demonstrate his commitment” (Torres, Garcia-French, Hordjik, & Nguyen 2012. P. 29). While this may not be a specific (or particularly public) campaign, it does show that Apple recognizes the importance of exemplifying responsibility to its consumers. Instead of being a short-term response, this has become an integral part of Apple’s ethos – or at least the one that it reveals to the public domain and its consumers. This is the core mindset, found at the center of any successful CSR effort. Apple’s Environmental Update, 2008 There are two common themes from these three short case studies: the establishment of specific goals at the company level, and long-term commitments of responsible practices, rather than a response to a current conflict (Torres, Garcia-French, Hordijk, & Nguyen 2012). In other words, all three of these companies have established CSR as an integral part of their business plan, providing both specific
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