Walmart 's Success Of The Global Market

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Walmart 's Success in the Global Market In terms of ‘Identify Basic Appeal’ which concerns suitability of climate, restriction on certain items, access to material, and others – Walmart has used this step of the market screening process for much of its international business ventures (Wild and Wild, 2013, p.301). For instance, in Brazil the tropical temperature (which normally does not fall below 20°C throughout the year) – has apparently influenced the type of apparel that the company sells in its stores (World Travel Guide, 2016; Walmart, 2016). Because, within the stores of Walmart in Brazil, one can find clothing made from fabric - as in, cotton and linen, which are material suited for the warmer weather found in Brazil (Walmart, 2016). Whereas, for a country like Canada – within Walmart stores, clothing can be found that are tailored for each of the four seasons, thus one will be able to find winter jackets and shorts in line with the seasons that they are most suited for. As for restricted items, in Ontario (Canada), since the retailing of liquor presently falls under the purview of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) - one would not find alcohol base beverages on the shelves of Walmart or being marketed by the entity (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, 2010). However, on the websites of Walmart in the US, there are several options available as it relates to the purchase of alcoholic beverages (Walmart, 2016). As it relates to access to material, when

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