Walmart vs Carrefour

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A Comparative Study of Strategies Adopted by Wal-Mart and Carrefour in China: A Resource-Based Perspective By Yue, LIU September 2007 Acknowledgements I appreciate my dissertation supervisor Dr Wang, for his continuous patience, support, guidance and constructive comment throughout the period of my dissertation. I would like to thank the professors and lectures from whom I learned a lot throughout my master year. I also would like to show my gratitude to Nottingham University Business School that provided this value chance for my postgraduate studies as well as the chance to conduct this research. I wish to acknowledge all those who helped me with the information and data, and those who showed their support and care during…show more content…
Coupled with the trend of business globalization, many multinational firms view China as a favored market with great potential of opportunities. The development of Chinese retail market started since the 1980s when China started to move from a planned to a market-oriented economy. This transition of economy system has stimulated the development of Chinese tertiary industry, as evidenced by the profound revolution in the retail industry since 1990s. In 1992, foreign capital was allowed to enter Chinese retail sector. Although there were still strict regulations in place to restrict the operation of foreign retailers at that time, the implementation of these regulations was

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