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| Wal-Mart vs. Target | Mission , Vision, Social Responsibility, and Strategic Planning | | Renita Springs | 3/6/2012 |


Wal-Mart and Target are both great retail stores to go and find a good bang for your buck shopping experience. After researching both companies, it appears they have the same ideas as a mission, saving the customer money. Wal-Mart Mission statement reads;
“ If we work together “ we’ll lower cost of living for everyone.. We’ll give the world and opportunity to see what it’s like to save and have a better life.” (
Target’s Mission Statement;
“To make Target the preferred shopping destination for our guest by delivering outstanding value , continuous
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Wal-Mart and Target both have a vision. The vision of both companies appear to be imbedded within the mission statements, there is no separation. Both companies are striving to save money for the customer. Target however has a more detailed approach as how they plan to do this and it is stated within the mission statement, which is,” to continue to provide an ongoing exceptional shopping experience by bringing more innovation to the store in the future”. Wal-Mart does not state what they are doing in an effort to save the consumer money just simply states that is what the mission is and not plans on how its done.
Social Responsibility
One key to a successful business is to advance and respond to the issues that underlie in its social responsibility to the community. Of the companies, Target shows more of a social responsibility to the community. Target has included itself and various programs such as raising money for Education, volunteering and offering a diverse work place for the community. As Target states on their website, “As a good corporate citizen, Target works to strengthen families and communities wherever we do business.”
Published reports on Triple Pundit states, Target plans to increase its socially responsible efforts as a “Green” corporation by several different methods, which include earning

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