Walmart's Annual Reporting

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Wal-Mart's Annual Reporting An Analysis of Wal-Mart's CSR Performance and Financial Performance over the Last Two Years Introduction Wal-Mart is a truly global corporation that runs chains of large discount department and warehouse stores across the globe. Wal-Mart is designated by Forbes as the world's 18th largest corporation; Wal-Mart is also the world's biggest private employer in the world, boasting over 2 million employees, making it the world's largest private retailer (Faber, 2012). Wal-Mart emphasizes that its vision is simply saving people money so they can live better, and Wal-Mart leaders have made it their mission to embed this vision in into all aspects of the business. Wal-Mart's business model was developed in a manner that respects customers, shareholders, associates and communities around the world. Its stated philosophy and overall business strategy relies on a simple idea created by founder Sam Walton: offer shoppers lower prices than they can get anywhere else, and it is this basic strategy that has shaped Wal-Mart's culture and driven the company's growth to its position of power within the world market (Walmart Corporate, 2012). Yet Wal-Mart has come under intense criticism for some of their operating practices in regards to their employees and their environmental record. This paper will analyze Wal-Mart's performance over the last couple of years. Ethics and Compliance Wal-Mart has made great strides to treat the environment in an ethical
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