Walmart's Competitive Advantage

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Portfolio Project Introduction When most people think of Wal Mart, they will often associate it with a large organization which has retail outlets throughout the country (i.e. the Supercenters and Sam's Clubs stores). While this is true, there are many other factors that are determining the firm's long term success. To fully understand what is happening requires analyzing the role of people / information / information technology, studying Porter's Five Forces Model, evaluating the supply chain management, database systems, four agent based technologies currently utilized, the ecommerce model, how this will benefit the firm, the phases of business continuity planning, organizational trends and steps to protect against potential vulnerabilities. Together, these elements will highlight those factors that are contributing to Wal Mart's success. ("Wal Mart," 2012) Analyze how people, information, and information technology help the company remain competitive in industry. People, information and information technology (IT) are working together to provide Wal Mart with a competitive advantage over everyone else. The way that this is occurring, is these factors are a part of the total solution in addressing and quickly identifying problems. For example, all of Wal Mart's stores are within close proximity to the distribution centers. In the event that they run out of particular item, the staff can let the warehouse know what is happening (via real time supply chain
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