Walmart's Inventory Management

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Introduction In 2001-02, the American Giant Wal-Mart was listed at the top in the worldwide Fortune 500 list generating revenues of nearly $220 billion. Internationally, Wal-Mart has been the leading retailing company. The company has many competitors such as Kmart, Sears Roebuck, Nordstrom, and JC Penny. In addition, more than 3,500 discount stores Sam's Clubs, Supercenters and more than 1,170 stores in different countries around the world are being operated by Wal-Mart. Apart from this, the company also uses it website for selling the products (Chandran, 2003). This paper discusses Wall Mart's inventory management, which has made it an industry leader. Inventory Management Wal-Mart Inventory according to Wall Mart is considered to be inclusive of all the tangible assets and capital invested in the company. Hence, based on this perception it is easy to define inventory management to include all administrative and maintenance tasks with a broad reference to all the raw materials, production structures and processes, merchandise in stock and sales. The important thing to note here about inventory management for smaller firms is that they recognize each and every product in the inventory to be a purchased product i.e. an investment made that has not brought any return to the company. Here we will be focusing on the inventory management techniques used by Wall Mart to become industry leader in inventory management. Wall Mart treats inventory as the necessities

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