Walmart's Marketing Strategy

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Wal-Mart’s Marketing Strategy
The store in the competitive retail industry that is referred to as the giant is Wal-Mart. This store has leaded the retail industry’s market of profit and sales for years. The stores expanded to every nook and cranny and became a household name. The stores went from only retail items to grocery stores, to having restaurants such as McDonalds and Subway, to having hair salons, optical stores, and mechanic services. The retail giant boomed, and soon found itself at its peak and then consistently falling behind the competition. It has been found that in order for a business to succeed in a competitive market, it must shift with the market and not fight against it. This is something that Wal-Mart has
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In the internal company information, this includes information on sales, orders, customer profiles, stocks, and customer service reports. The marketing intelligence includes information from suppliers, customers, and distributors. The market research is the actual studies that the company provides to collect the information on being able to strategically market for the firm (Bhasin, 2010). Wal-Mart has not had great success in the marketing department over the years. In recent times, Wal-Mart decided to change their marketing plan from the marketing team reporting to the CEO to the sales department. The pure objective of this change was to put all the energy of marketing into trying to further defend the Wal-Mart business and drive up the sales (Hartung, 2012). Wal-Mart took the energy that would help them focus on new ideas and innovations and research to increase their company, and devoted it into the same focus and objective that they have had in past years. This limits the span of new ideas that would attract new customers and outlooks from the public. The marketing team is unable to provide new and catchy marketing tactics in order to grab the attention of consumers that have doubted Wal-Mart’s integrity due to their negative attention from the media. Overall, Wal-Mart has not done a great job with their marketing. It seems that in the beginning, the retail chain had the
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