Walmart's Principles Of Walmart

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Walmart, the discount superstore behemoth based out of Bentonville, Arkansas, is a company in which the general public loves to hate. Potential shareholders have a lot to weigh when considering whether or not to invest in Wal-Mart. Do you go with a company that has had a steady and stable stock over the years, or do you stay away due to the bad public relations Walmart has received due to low employee wages and inaccurately labeled labels for products which were not fully recycled, on top of the 2015 crash in stock value?
Walmart’s Principles
Walmart has become the leader in the discount store industry because they have perfected getting the goods people need to its stores in mass quantities as inexpensively and efficiently as possible, to offer its customers inexpensive products with the convenience of being a one-stop shop. Being a retail industry leader, especially one who is putting many smaller stores out of business, all eyes are on them. Walmart has had its share of negative press; however, now more than ever Walmart seems committed to its stakeholders locally and globally. Their four guiding principles are Respect for the Individual, Service to Customers, Striving for Excellence, and Acting with Integrity (Global Statement, n.d., p. 4). As a shareholder, it is important a company aligns with its guiding principles. This paper will look at if Walmart follows these guiding principles in their day to day actions.
Stock Performance
The consistently steady and
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